Success story

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Yadawee has built up a specialized business helping Egyptian artisans and craftsmen develop their skills and improve their standard of living as well as exporting their handcrafted articles all over the world.


Their portfolio reflects Egypt’s ancient heritage “We want to make Yadawee the gateway to quality Egyptian products,” says General Manager Hisham El Gazzar. Strict quality control, professional service, swift response and on-time delivery are key to the company’s success. “I started the business with a friend in 2003 combining our marketing and management skills with a deep interest in Egypt’s culture and helping to preserve handicrafts artisans produce in the Nile Valley,” says El Gazzar. “With the Business Development Service Support Project (BDSSP) and the Upper Egypt Investment Company we were able to offer a comprehensive support portfolio to small and medium enterprises (SME’s) in Upper Egypt with technical assistance, quality control, product development, marketing and export services.”