Making the Link! - Working with Exporters

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The support center realized at the outset that its main challenge to revive the cluster was to open up alternative markets to generate sales opportunity to higher end consumers both in Egypt and internationally.
The center was also aware that developing a product for export markets that would appeal to buyer preferences, participating in international trade events, and working with international buyers requires expertise that is lengthy and difficult to attain. To achieve the export objective, it was essential for the center to ally and work with existing and well established exporters to support the cluster. A unique partnership was entered with Yadawee, an existing and well established private firm that has for long been developing and exporting Egyptian handicrafts to various international markets.


For the first time, Akhmim’s artisans have been supported to showcase their enhanced and trendy products at international trade fairs such as Ambiente in Frankfurt and Furnex in Egypt

The partnership with Yadawee goes well beyond the conventional bounds of a typical business transaction. Their engagement and contribution as a facilitator entails: developing in-house designs that could be produced locally and meet international trends, commissioning and supporting the artisans to produce those designs, and internationally promote and handle the export of the produced handicrafts. This engagement has secured export management expertise to the cluster and consolidated the services provided to them efficiently and cost effectively.