Delivered Services - Results and Contributions

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The ‘support center’ has worked with over 100 artisans during its first 2 years of operation. Its skill and artisanship enhancement services has assisted 60 young craftsmen to develop their weaving skills and master the techniques for producing higher quality and more innovative textile products. In cooperation with the Suhaj administration, 20 families were relocated to newly built and custom designed special housing units at the Al kawthar village (both to work and live).
The new locations were more spacious, well finished in terms of civil work, and better illuminated. This relocation alone has had a positive influence to enhance creativity and enabled these families to expand the number of looms installed.
The center has assisted several families of artisans to apply to the lending programs administered by the CDA Suhaj to receive small loans that enabled them to procure the higher quality but more expensive threads as well as to install more looms. For others, the center intervened to resolve problems associated with default on loans and helped remove administrative and late payment fees.

Quality raw material suppliers have been identified nationwide. The center established bulk purchase agreements with these suppliers to ensure that the full range of quality thread types and colors is made readily available to the artisans and craftsmen, cost effectively. To open higher end markets for the supported artisans and craftsmen, the center’s advisors conducted an extensive market research nationwide to identify the leading points of sales for the enhanced product as well as the most appropriate trade fairs. Overall, 70 artisans have been supported to exhibit their work at more than 10 trade fairs. The total sales volume generated from these fairs totaled EGP 140,000. An additional EGP 80,000.00 has been generated by seven artisans through the center’s matchmaking services with points of sales nationwide at trendy tourism centers.
Export management services was provided to 40 artisans in association with Yadawee. For that group, new patterns have been designed, support was provided by Yadawee’s experts to produce the more intricate patterns, proper packaging and labeling was provided and their products were exhibited in international trade fairs. As a result, the first export shipment was concluded to an Italian importer worth US$ 23,000. In addition, contracts are currently being negotiated with importers from Germany and Spain for long term supply agreements under special design commissions.
The quality control laboratory has played a pivotal role in the success of the center’s support activities. Suppliers have ensured that the threads provided have been of superior quality knowing that payment would be conditioned on test results. For the artisans, the product testing assisted the center’s advisors and recruited trainers to improve the artisans’ production method to address specific deficiencies identified by the analysis results.
More importantly, the net revenue realized by the supported artisans, has more than doubled on account of the higher quality product sold at the right market. These achievements have inspired hope and excited more artisans to approach the center for assistance and support.