About The BDSSP - CDA Suhaj

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The Community Development Association CDA - Suhaj was established in 1995 with the mission to support the social and economic development of SMEs at Suhaj Governorate.
The CDA-Suhaj currently employs a workforce of 178 professionals at five locations throughout Suhaj governorate. Their current activities include:
๏ Administering a micro and small lending portfolio that has achieved 98,157 lending cases totaling a value of EGP 79 million EGP to 47,271 clients, 86% of which are women.
๏ Organizing awareness building workshops for SMEs in partnership with the local administration to advise on tax, legal, permits, social insurance, commercial registers, and occupational safety issues and procedures as promulgated by the regulatory system.
๏ Facilitating the CDA’s loan recipients’ participation in trade fairs in cooperation with Suhaj’s Chamber of Commerce.



The Business Development Services Support Project (BDSSP)

is a C$ 20 million project funded by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) and executed by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC). BDSSP’s goal is to foster better employment opportunities through support to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) development with an emphasis on the country's marginalized groups (women and youth).

BDSSP demonstrates the market development approach to SME support, largely through partnerships with existing local organizations that focus on supporting SMEs to enhance their performance, profitability, and
expansion. The services include technological improvement, infrastructure support, access to markets, training and technical assistance, management assistance, legal support, and input supplies. BDSSP works intensely within two governorates of focus; Minya and Alexandria; in partnership with several BDS providers. A wide range of integrated nonfinancial initiatives in each governorate of focus have been developed and supported over 6 years. The BDSSP
also facilitates and supports SME development initiatives in other governorates, in which it provides responsive support to specific BDS needs that has potential to be replicated either locally or nationally.
Nationwide, the BDSSP has established 32 BDS initiatives and 7 enabling environment initiatives that serves 14000 SMEs in Egypt.